Friday, 4 August 2017

Common Gutter Profiles in South Australia

gutter profiles available in Adelaide
Getting New Gutters Installed?
Installing The Right Gutter Profiles and Design

There are many gutter profiles available when it comes to replacing the gutters and downpipes. Want to know what to do if only small sections of the gutters on the building need to be replaced? 

Quite often certain gutters on the property had been easy to clean and only certain sections of the guttering need replacing. Regular gutter cleaning can increase the life of a guttering system.

Not sure on the type of gutter profile already installed on your home? If looking for a gutter replacement quote, please find the guttering profile required and include it in the quote request along with the color required.

Is it possible to replace the rusted old gutters with a replacement that matches the existing guttering profile on the home? The answer is most likely yes, either Fielders or Stratco still manufacture the guttering profiles that were made 50 years ago in South Australia. Take a look at the following pictures and diagrams covering the various different types of gutter profiles available in Adelaide, SA.

The following types of gutter designs come with the Fielders 25 year warranty guarantee. Why not give Fielders or us a call if you have any further questions about the different kinds of profiles and design when deciding to replace those old rusted out gutters and downpipes. Further down the page after the profile display, there is the handy online tool called the "gutter capacity tool" that will help decide the type of guttering best suited for your home, the amount of down-pipes needed and an estimate on all the materials required to complete a gutter installation. 

Gutter Profiles and Deciding to Replace the House Gutters


Take a look at the following pictures of the different kinds of guttering available at Fielders, Stratco and some of the larger local hardware stores like Bunnings Warehouse and Mitre-10 Hardware. Most smaller hardware stores will only stock the Quad or D-Style gutter profiles in Zinc. To find the correct gutter profile in Colorbond, its best to go to Fielders in Mile End or Stratco.

Fielders and Stratco sell to private customers as well as large roofing and gutter installation companies in Adelaide, South Australia. The following gutter profiles are available in a huge range of colors to suit any gutter replacement jobs around the metro suburbs of Adelaide, SA. Gutter Guys Adelaide have put together an easy guide to help our customers and DIY handymen when it deciding or replacing a particular gutter profile on residential homes in South Australia. 

Roof and Guttering Profiles Available in South Australia

115mm Quad Gutter

 115mm Quad Gutters

This is the most common guttering profile that is manufactured in South Australia. Well designed to handle large amounts of rainwater. This gutter profile is the cheapest gutter profile available at around $30 for 6 meter lengths. These profiles are installed with internal brackets and can be purchased at Stratco or Fielders. This is the easiest gutter profile to install and can be easily cut to assemble internal and external corners. 

125mm D Gutter

125mm D Gutters

A similar guttering profile to the Quad gutter, however slightly larger in diameter. This type of gutter profile is also very common on traditional styled homes as well as older homes that were built in the 60;s and 70's in South Australia. Quite easy to remove and replace especially on tiled residences. The D gutter profile is simple, easy to maintain and comes in either Zinc or Colorbond.

Ainsworth OG Gutter

125mm OG Style Gutters

A great gutter profile that has the classical look but with a modern design that can be installed with either external or internal brackets. The front of the Ainsworth OG profile is raised to cover the front of roof tiles and handle larger amounts of water flowing from the roof. This guttering profile can be purchased in a wide range of dynamic colors and very simple to install on residential properties.

Fielders Fascia Gutter
Fielders Fascia Guttering Profile

Fielders designed this high front gutter profile that offers an exceptional modern look without costing a fortune. Easy to install, comes in a wide range of colors to match any modern homes decor. This high front profile prevents overflowing of the gutters during heavy rain storms. Installed easily with internal clips and can be purchased at any length to suit your homes application.

Hi-Tensile OG Gutter
 115mm High Tensile Gutter Profile

The Hi-Tensile OG gutter profile is an economical gutter replacement profile designed for residential homes undergoing renovations and new home construction. This guttering profile was designed for a wide range of applications, is slighlty smaller than the 125mm Ainsworth OG profile and can be adapted to fit most modern and older homes in South Australia. This gutter profile is available with a slotted front to prevent blocked gutters overflowing into the roofing space. 

Feel free to research further the different benefits that each different guttering profile has or lacks. Getting the right gutter profile installed on your home that has unique requirements will increase the efficiency of the guttering system. You can also find the color range that Fielders offer in Colorbond and get that perfect color match for your home. 

How Many Downpipes Need Installing?

The amount of downpipes needed on residential properties depends on how many meters of guttering has been installed and the overall design of the home. If extra structures have been added to the home such as verandas, then extra downpipes will be required to maintain efficient water flow away from the home or building. 

Please find this step by step "gutter installation" calculator that will calculate the required amount of downpipes to install based on the info typed into the online gutter and downpipe calculator. This gutter capacity tool is great and was implemented by Fielders themselves to ensure their customers installed the correct amount of downpipes when installing new gutters on residential homes in Adelaide, South Australia.