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Gutter Cleaning Standards in Adelaide

Quality Gutter Cleaning in Adelaide

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Adelaide's Gutter Cleaning Service Standard

Need the best Adelaide gutter cleaning company? Gutter Guys Adelaide provide various guttering services around Adelaide, South Australia.

Primarily based in the North Eastern, Eastern and Adelaide Hills region but provide a wide range of guttering services though out South Australian suburbs.

When it comes to customer service we aim to treat every customer and client politely, respectfully and equally.

The customer should be treated better than the standard "the customer's always right" mentality but as if they were Kings and Queens.

Regardless if a gutter cleaning customer is acting belligerently, our goal is to satisfy their requirements when it comes to guttering and roofing maintenance.

We aim to be punctual and time management plays a vital part when satisfying our customers at Gutter Guys Adelaide.

Simply by being 30mins late affects a customers satisfaction level regarding services around Adelaide.

Cleaning up and leaving the premises, like the driveway and footpaths the way they were before or cleaner.

A customer rarely checks that the gutters have been cleaned so what they can see will often reflect the work they cannot see or check.

When working at heights safety is important and with a zero record of accidents other than minor cuts and abrasions Gutter Guys Adelaide have never had a serious work place accident.

All height work above 2.5 meters requires one height safety supervisor with a yellow card, (boom lift/harness line training) previous working at heights experience and accredited training.

The following points are a general guide customers, employees, commercial gutter cleaning contracts and subcontractors regarding the safety standards we have when working on roofs and cleaning gutters:

1. Always remain aware of immediate surroundings when working on roofs. Look for obstacles on like air-cons or power lines and any other thing, substance or object that covers the roofing ie (gum nuts/tree branches)

2. Wear a harness kit wherever possible when working at heights above 2.5 meters or wet weather. Sometimes this is impracticable or impossible so speak to the height supervisor.

3. Wear comfortable enclosed sports shoes with good grip and laces done up tight, preferably leather. (no work boots)

4. Minimize ladder use. Most height accidents occur getting on and off ladders. Extension ladders require 2 people at all times and should be tied down where possible.

5. Carry minimum loads when working on ladders or above 2.5 meters. Keeping yourself on the ladder should take up 100% of your concentration.

6. Fluro work shirts and jackets are required to be worn at all times unless the weather is above 30 degree's Celsius.

7. Never enter a customers/clients home, avoid looking inside and using customers equipment. If invited inside politely decline. If absolutely necessary, two employee's must be present. Gutter Guys Adelaide work with a wide range of "vulnerable" clients and customers.

8. Keeping a means of communication at all times on person ie mobile phone or two way radio for emergencies and communication. (no shouting from roof tops)

9. Take the time to safely get on and off the ladder onto the roofing. When working from the ladder ensure the reaching from side to side is kept to one lose arms reach. No over reaching as this can cause ladders to slide to the left or right.

When Working On Roofs and Gutters.
Moving around safety on difficult roofing. The best way to work on a roof is to locate a good place to place tools and rest without having to think about falling.

The best places on most difficult and steep pitched roofing is the valley. These often need cleaning as well but are great to travel around in, when the roof is steep pitched. Valleys like the one in the image to the left often collect up debris like tree branches and leaves.

This is a notorious spot for roof leaks as the water overflows when it cant free flow down the roof valleys into the guttering system.

When seated in a valley like this one, you can safely move yourself up and down while seated in the roof valley.

The image is pretty extreme and likely a broom would clear out the valley of tree debris standing from the ladder. However occasionally it will be required to climb into a roof valley similar to the one pictured.

Keeping Guttering Equipment Neat and Tidy When Roofing.
Having tools and other equipment scattered around the roof like buckets is a recipe for a roofing accident.

Buckets often blow around in the wind or tools get left behind when the workplace is not kept tidy and organized.

Keeping the roofing clear and free from obstacles as much as possible will eliminate tripping accidents and equipment falling off the roof. Always ensure the roof line is free of obstacles.

Equipment used for the guttering or roofing work is to be neatly located on the roof, usually close to the ladder for quick access and removal.