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How To Repair Rusted Downpipe Brackets | Gutter Cleaners

Require Rust Repairs?

Down Pipe Bracket Rust Repair Guide

Have you got down pipes need repairs? Get those rusted out downpipe replaced or repaired. Take a look at the following guide at how to make those rusted downpipe brackets look like new again simply with a bit of elbow grease and tools lying around the home. Down pipe and gutter repairs can make a big difference to the appearance to a home. Regular gutter cleaners will prevent sections of guttering systems from rusting out around the ocean suburbs of Adelaide, South Australia.

At Gutter Guys Adelaide are dedicated to quality home improvement services. We have been repairing, installing and replacing gutters for over 10 years all over South Australian suburbs. From the Adelaide Hills to Norwood and Glenelg, we can repair or install new guttering on any premises and we will not be beaten on on gutter replacement prices in South Australia.

No matter what suburb in Adelaide you live in, we can replace and install new gutters on your premises. Keeping the home maintained on the outside of the property can be some of the most rewarding maintenance work you can do around the home.. Take a look at this rusted down pipe bracket that was created rust stains all the way down the down pipe.

Home Improvement Services | DIY Rusted Down Pipe Repair Tools

You will need the following tools to remove the rust effectively and permanently when you use an anti rust primer which is available is a few colors like rust red, army grey and a dark blue colored paint primer

Rust Repair Tools
1. A good quality drill, with a wire brush attachment as this will make removing the rust much easier and getting the metal clip back to bare metal, and ready to wash of any grease and dirt and ready for painting

2 Next you will a need quality and larger sized screwdriver. Most screw fixings on down pipe clips can use either Phillips or flat head screwdrivers.

3. You will also need a paint primer or a colored paint that matches the other guttering and downpipes. It is important to make sure that the paint has a rust treatment and primer inbuilt to prevent the guttering or down pipe clips from rusting again.

Rust Removed

Guttering and Down Pipe Rust Repairs

Removing the rust is the easiest part of the downpipe bracket repair, simply put a cordless drill on slow and attach the wire brush drill bit and slowly start stripping the rust away. Apply pressure on the larger sections sections of rust to ensure its removed. Keep removing the rusted metal until you come to the bare metal. The WD40 will help as a lubricant and help to loosen the fixings undone.

This job the screws were too rusted and were unable to be remove without stripping the screw head. If you find yourself in this situation and its a DIY project keep apply the WD40 every few days if you really want to completely remove rusted out downpipe brackets. It also allows for a better job when removing the brackets, painting and cleaning away the rust stains. Otherwise don't worry, you can still repair the rusted downpipe bracket without removing.

After Rust Repairs

Rusted Down Pipe Repair Completed

Take a look at the completed rust repairs, doesn't the down pipe look so much better than it did before? Why not contact us and let us repair the gutters or install new gutters and down pipes on your home that are rusted out and dripping every time it rains.Making sure that good gutter cleaners are hired to make sure the gutters do not get blocked up again and cause more rust.



Gutter Repairs in Adelaide | Preventative Home Improvement

Did you know we also do gutter repairs in Adelaide? At Gutter Guys Adelaide we replace, repair and install new guttering to homes in Adelaide, South Australia. We advise all our clients that preventative maintenance will be far cheaper in the long run compared to never cleaning the gutters and getting blocked downpipes all the time.

One of the most common gutter repairs we do is replace rusted out down-pipes with PVC down-pipes that don't rust out if you get a blockage in the guttering system. Gutter repairs can be easily avoided by regular gutter cleaning maintenance and making sure the downpipes don't get blocked is easy to heck every 3-6 months with a garden hose.

Take a look at this metal down-pipe that just rusted out and got worse and worse every year the gutters were not cleaned on a regular basis. Why risk expensive repairs like this? Simply going to each of your downpipes and pushing the garden hose into them about 20cm is all you need to ensure the blocked downpipe gets flushed. Even if you do not have a blocked downpipe, then its the best preventative maintenance that is so easy to do. We just follow the advice of Gutter Guys Adelaide. They are the expert gutter cleaners in South Australia. 

These sort of down pipe repairs can become costly and could have easily been avoided if the gutters had been cleaned properly and more than 3-4 times per year. Some customers get Gutter Guys Adelaide to take care of all their roofing maintenance needs, which gives them complete peace of mind that their gutters and downpipes are being taken care of.

These down pipe should be replaced with a PVC pipe to prevent future rust problems in this particular part of the guttering. We priced up  a quote to repair this down down pipe this week and it cost as much as getting the gutters cleaned 3-4 times. Keep an eye out for more pictures and information on guttering in Adelaide, SA. Why not send us some information about our blog and give us some ideas or information our customers are wanting to know about.