Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Cleaning Gutters With Gutter Guards Installed

 Got Gutter Guards & Need Your Gutters Cleaned?

Do you need your gutters cleaned but you cannot get into the guttering because there is a gutter mesh installed? Are the gutters overflowing? Did the gutter mesh gutter protection work? Tired of looking at the pile of leaves and debris on top of your guttering and gutter mesh? Then don't worry Gutter Guys Adelaide can clean gutters that have gutter guards installed, we can even remove and dump all the debris as well as the old gutter mesh.

All to often the gutter mesh salesman had no idea that gutter mesh or any sort of flexible gutter protection systems are predominately used to keep out tennis balls, pests and vermin but not tree debris and especially not gum nuts and gum leaves. The best gutter guards are made of solid metal and will not bend and buckle under the weight of tree debris often ripping micro gutter mesh from the edge of the guttering and into the gutters causing severe blockages in the gutters.

Within a few months the gum tree above your home covers your roofing with tree debris, often blocking up the the guttering and causing major water damage when there is a heavy downpour during the winter months in South Australia. During the summer months there is also the odd heavy shower leading up to winter. June is the beginning of winter in South Australia with heavy showers for weeks on end and then July usually has the highest rainfall count each year in South Australia. 

Does your gutter mesh installation system look like this? Do you need honest and reliable gutter cleaners that can clean gutters with gutter guards installed? Then take a look at our quality roofing services and see for yourself that Gutter Guys Adelaide are the best gutter cleaners in Adelaide, South Australia. We have friendly staff waiting to give you a gutter cleaning quote, simply fill out the contact form on our website for a fast and reliable gutter cleaning service.

Gutter mesh and other similar products are not designed for properties that are directly under gum trees. Quite often installing a gutter mesh type product will result in unnecessary blockages of the down pipes instead of flowing the debris and leaves out into the streets storm water drains.

How To Clean Gutters With Gutter Guards

So you decided to clean the the gutters but realized there is a gutter protection system installed and needs to be completely removed and thrown into the bin or re-installed after the guttering has been cleaned and any blocked up downpipes cleared of any blockages by being flushed out with a garden hose. Depending on what type of gutter guard you have installed on your guttering will depend on the tools required to remove the gutter mesh and clean out the gutters. The hardest part is working out how to clean gutters with gutter guards installed. The dismantling of old gutter guards and mesh can be a tedious job, sometimes taking 3-4hrs to complete on a standard single story home.

The most popular one that is often advertised on television and in the shopping malls is the gutter mesh style guards that are just not designed for residential or commercial premises with large gum trees or any other tree that drops a lot of leaves, bark and branches. This type of the gutter mesh needs to be unscrewed piece by piece, remembering where the gutter mesh capping needs to be put back on. Removing gutter guards and other types of gutter protection systems is a tedious and time consuming task, often taking several hours to remove and clean. Then another couple of hours to re-install the gutter protection system.


Regular Gutter Guard Cleaning

If you have gutter mesh installed, then do not worry. Regular cleaning of the gutter mesh and flushing the gutters with a garden hose will help to make sure the gutter mesh does its job. The main cause of guttering getting blocked even when gutter guards are installed, is because regular roof cleaning was not being carried out on a regular basis. If gutter mesh is cleaned every couple of months then there is not enough time for the leaves, tree debris and sticks to decompose and eventually fall into the guttering and blocking up gutters and downpipes. If you have a large home that needs gutter cleaning but you have no idea about removing the gutter mesh installed, then contact us for a free gutter cleaning quote and have the gutters cleaned out for this winter.