Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Down-pipe Blocked? | How To Clear Blocked Downpipes

How To Clear Blocked Downpipes

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Want to know how to clear blocked downpipes? I'm sure we have all seen those houses that are falling apart in the street and look like they have never been properly maintained. Have you ever taken a closer look at one of these houses that need full renovations? Better yet have you ever renovated one of these homes before? If you have you know how much of a nightmare it is to fix leaking roofs and then find that the gutters need fixing too.

When it comes to roofing maintenance, you can't take short cuts. The roof and guttering on a house is like it's protective cover from the sun, rain and storms. It's important that before winter and the rainy seasons that you properly check your gutters and roofing. You should do the following:

1. Fix all the gutters, unblock all the down pipes and repair any visible leaks.

2. Fix broken tiles, and check there is no tiles leaking water into the roof.

3. Check all the skylights for any roof leaks and repair with a new flashing.

Just doing these simple maintenance tasks every few months can greatly increase the life expectancy of your roofing and guttering system. It will also give the peace of mind that when the hail and rain comes down, that your roofing and gutters can handle the downpour that Adelaide, South Australian is famous for.

Usually when the gutters and roofing are maintained, there is less need for roofing repairs and gutter replacement. Keeping the gutters and down pipes clear of debris and blockages helps keep all the water and loose leaves going straight into your storm water system and out into the street.

If you get a high pressure washer and "jetter" tool from Bunnings Warehouse or any other hardware store that sells quality plumbing and drain cleaning equipment. You can easily clear blocked downpipes and your storm-water system and clear out your down-pipes.

This is essentially the most effective way on how to clear blocked downpipes and storm-water drains. This method will cost a little bit of cash, especially a powerful high pressure washer should be purchased and the drain cleaning attachment for the high pressure washer is called a "jetter" and it will clean out blocked downpipes and clear blockages in the storm-water system around your home.

You can also easily fix the loose down-pipe on your rainwater tank with some PVC glue. It is usually blue in color and there is no need to get a high pressure glue, just the plain blue PVC plumbing glue can be used to repair broken rainwater pipes and other PVC down-pipes around your home. PVC downpipes look a bit cheap and tacky, but you can paint them the same color as the surroundings. If you have large pets or rough children that will be playing near the downpipes. It is best to make sure that they are still replaced with metal downpipes when they rust out. PVC downpipes are not suited to regular knocks and scrapes, they will crack and fall apart.

When working on your home replacing downpipes, cleaning gutters and checking for water leaks around your roofing, its important to make sure you use quality equipment such as ladders and good footwear to prevent injuries and safety hazards when working on the roof and close to the guttering. Do a little research on the DIY gutter replacement or installation you are going to be doing.

When we install new guttering we also check the existing downpipes for blockages and hidden rust damage. Is your front downpipe blocked on your commercial or residential property? Contact Gutter Guys Adelaide for a fast and reliable gutter cleaning service that unblocks downpipes as well as cleans the gutters in Adelaide, South Australia.