Sunday, 25 October 2015

How To Clear Blocked Downpipes Simply & Easily | Gutter Cleaning in Adelaide

How To Clean Blocked Downpipes

Take a look at this short video that demonstrates how to clean out blocked downpipes on your house gutters.

This is a great way to unblock the downpipes and gutters because everyone has a garden hose lying around the home. 

Unblocking the overflowing guttering system can be a dangerous job if you have no idea about, height safety, house gutters or basic roofing maintenance. We have been cleaning, repairing and unblocking roof gutters for over 10 years in Adelaide, South Australia.

The most common method of unblocking gutters and down-pipes is with a simple garden hose. You heard right, that is all you need. A garden hose with no nozzle of fixings so that it can pushed and manipulated into the blocked down pipe. When you have forced the garden hose into the down pipe about 20 centimeters, you can tell your partner to turn on the water tap. The down pipe will naturally start filling up with water.

The next step needs to be continuously repeated until the blockage  is freed. As the water is coming out the hose, start thrusting the hose in and out of the down pipe until you actually hear the blockage clear. Sometimes it has taken 2 minutes and sometimes it has taken 20 minutes but down-pipes do actually unblock this way very easily if you are persistent with the last step.

Storm water blockages require a high pressure cleaner with a "jetter" hose that can be forced into the storm water drain and then blast the blockage with high pressure, through the "jetter" hose. Want to know more about how to clear blocked downpipes just like the professional gutter cleaners. Then keep reading and subscribing to my guttering blog and roofing maintenance information.

This video takes you through a few simple steps on how to fit gutters and down-pipes to your home. So if your repairing your gutters or just renovating your home, then this video will have some great tips from guttering experts that have spent years installing gutters and down-pipes in Adelaide, South Australia.

It is important that your guttering installation is done correctly and the water will flow towards the downpipes and not the wrong way, causing mini waterfalls around your home. Not many people realize how serious a blocked downpipe can be and how extensive the damage can be until it happens to them. I've got many loyal customers because I was there within the hour when their ceiling collapsed under the weight of the rainwater.

Cleaning Out Downpipe Blockages

This often leads to more serious water damage because the water starts going behind and around your homes foundations, often causing cracking in paths and house footings. If gutter installation debris is left behind it can often cause a blocked downpipe.

Are your gutters falling apart, are they rusted or have seen better days? Don't worry, let us take you through some gutter repair videos and take a look around, comment and even ask the guttering experts some DIY questions that could save you money on your next home maintenance or you next house renovations. So if your gutters are spraying water all over the place and the downpipes are blocked up so bad they sound like a solid piece of lead, then you need the Gutter Guys Adelaide to come and unblock your downpipes and then show you how to clean downpipes regularly to prevent bucket loads of water to damage your property investment or residential home.