Monday, 22 February 2016

How To Unblock Downpipes & Regular Gutter Cleaning

How To Unblock Downpipes Professionally

Let us show you hot to unblock downpipes like a pro. Keeping your gutters clean on a regular basis by doing it yourself is the best way to take care of your guttering and not end up with major water damage or costly gutter repairs on your home. Blocked downpipes are caused due to poor roofing maintenance.

As a gutter cleaning company we often get asked, "how often should I clean my gutters" This is a bit of a difficult question to answer all situations with one solution. The best way to measure is by getting them regularly cleaned. Most homes should have their gutters and down pipes checked once a year before winter and heavy rain.

Gutter cleaners are usually only called out when the gutters are full and the debris in the gutters is visible from below. This is usually too late and a lot of work is involved to get the guttering clean and down pipes unblocked. If there is large trees around your home, then its likely the gutter cleaning needs to be done every 3-6 months.

Have you got gum-trees surrounding your house? How many gum-trees have you got dropping bark, leaves and gum nuts all year round into your gutters? So depending on how many trees you have around your home, is a good way to estimate how often you need the gutters cleaned, Usually if your downpipes are blocked, then its time to get the gutters cleaned.

Regular Gutter Cleaning Prevents Costly Water Damage

Did you know we also do gutter repairs in Adelaide? At Gutter Guys Adelaide we replace, repair and install new guttering to homes in Adelaide, South Australia. We advise all our clients that preventative maintenance will be far cheaper in the long run compared to never cleaning the gutters and getting blocked downpipes all the time. One of the most common gutter repairs we do is replace rusted out down-pipes with PVC down-pipes that don't rust out if you get a blockage in the guttering system. Gutter repairs can be easily avoided by regular gutter cleaning maintenance and making sure the down pipes don't get blocked is easy to heck every 3-6 months with a garden hose.

Take a look at this metal down-pipe that just rusted out and got worse and worse every year the gutters were not cleaned on a regular basis. Why risk expensive repairs like this? Simply going to each of your down pipes and pushing the garden hose into them about 20cm is all you need to ensure the blocked downpipe gets flushed. Even if you do not have a blocked downpipe, then its the best preventative maintenance that is so easy to do. We just follow the advice of Adelaide Gutter Cleaning.

These sort of down pipe repairs can become costly and could have easily been avoided if the gutters had been cleaned properly and more than 3-4 times per year. Some customers get Gutter Guys Adelaide to take care of all their roofing maintenance needs, which gives them complete peace of mind that their gutters and down pipes are being taken care of.

These down pipe should be replaced with a PVC pipe to prevent future rust problems in this particular part of the guttering. We priced up  a quote to repair this down down pipe this week and it cost as much as getting the gutters cleaned 3-4 times. Keep an eye out for more pictures and information on guttering in Adelaide, SA