Sunday, 25 October 2015

Do Gutter Guards Actually Prevent Gutter Cleaning | Gutter Guards & Blocked Downpipes

Gutter Guard Review - Do Gutter Guards Work?

This topic can be very interesting and often the answer can be totally different depending on who you actually spoke too. Do you remember the gutter guard or gutter mesh installers telling you that you will never have to clean your gutters again? I have rarely found a gutter that had an expensive gutter mesh installed and didn't needed proper gutter cleaning once a year minimum.

The simple and honest answer is NO, gutter mesh and other flexible, plastic gutter guards and leaf mesh will not fair very well against large trees like Gums, that drop gum-nuts, bark, branches and leaves into your guttering all year round. Gutter Mesh will also break down after a few short years being exposed to the harsh Australian weather.

We are constantly removing gutter guard in Adelaide, so we can clean inside the gutters. The installation of gutter guards on some 2 story homes and commercial buildings, has caused major gutter blockages that were not accessible to clean because of the gutter mesh. There are some instances where some types of gutter guards are used effectively.

If you must install gutter guards, the only suitable leaf guard that I have found effective on homes in Adelaide was the Fielders Gutter Guards. The major problem with the gutter mesh, is that the weight of debris from Gum trees causes the gutter mesh to pull away from the gutter edging. Fielders Gutter Guards are made of solid aluminum and don't flex or collapse when installed.

So when you are considering to get an expensive alternative to simply regularly cleaning your gutters which is a fraction of the price of gutter mesh installed on your home in Adelaide. Call us today and have the Gutter Guys give you a honest answer if gutter mesh will actually solve your problem or just waste your hard earned money. Take a look at the video below that shows how ineffective gutter guard really is.

I recently cleaned out some blocked up downpipes at a Bunnings Warehouse and found that the large box gutters were reasonably clean. The main problem was the 40 blocked downpipes. Why so many downpipes blocked up but the guttering reasonably clean? The gutter mesh that covered the downpipes was preventing the gum leaves from going down the pipes.

Whether or not the previous maintenance department installed them to prevent blocked storm-water or simply to get a simple call out next time it rains I wont know just yet. What we do know is that gutter mesh does not work correctly and is often the cause of water damage inside residential homes.

Gutter Guard Adelaide And Preventing Roofing Damage

We have the very best gutter cleaning and all roofing and guttering service prices in Adelaide,South Australia. Our services also include a wide range of small free services as well as discounts off the quoted prices after sharing our business on social media and sharing our various blogs relating to the guttering work completed at the premises. Whether you have a commercial or residential property, we offer a wide range of free services relating to roofing maintenance for you. When you get gutter guards installed we offer a free gutter cleaning service.

Free gutter cleaning and anti moss treatment most other gutter guard install companies do not provide. We are the experts in replacing gutters and downpipes that have not been maintained and require a lot of preparation work to fit new guttering. We also can reseal any joins and downpipe seals internally quickly and efficient and free with any of out gutter cleaning services. This often fixes hard to reach water leaks on your guttering and downpipes.

When we install Fielders Steel Gutter Guards we provide this resealing processing free of charge. All prices include GST and all charges such as unblocking downpipes and clear out the gutters before installing steel gutter guards. When installing gutter guards, preparation is important. Making sure that all the moss and debris is removed from the guttering and downpipes before the gutter guards are installed.

When we supply fit and install these excellent gutter protection system. You can also view our detailed guide on the purposes and benefits of these brush gutter guards, with pictures that include various prices from various hardware stores around Adelaide, South Australia. When we install the bottle brush gutter guards we include a free 6 months brush and gutter clean six months latter.

We also reseal all the guttering downpipes and corner gutter joints internally free of charge with every bottle brush gutter guard install. Over the years the silicone used to seal the corners of your guttering internally gets worn from the weather, rain, sun and pests. We offer a free resealing service with every Bottler Brush Gutter Guard Installation and gutter cleaning services.

Minor Gutter and Downpipe Leaks Fixed free with any gutter cleaning, gutter guards in Adelaide or gutter installation service. We also sell an excellent spray on rubber sealant that comes in clear and black that is perfect for spraying those hard to reach inside a leaking gutter and down-pipes. Its an excellent product not found in many stores around Adelaide, South Australia.

<strong>Zinc Gutter Replacement services at great rates which include the guttering and materials supplied, fitted and then painted to your desired color or can be left as plain zinc guttering and downpipes. We also take away any bits of old rusted downpipes and guttering free of charge and recycle old bits of metal to the correct metal recycles in bulk after we have repaired several gutters and downpipes in Adelaide,SA.

Gutter replacement services start from $1500 on single story homes*This is supplied and fitted on standard modern single story homes, includes complete painting matched to previous downpipe. Also includes taking away the old rusted and blocked downpipe and any other bits of metal you want removed from your property.