Sunday, 25 March 2018

Gutter Cleaning Questions | Adelaide SA

Adelaide Gutter Cleaning Questions

Gutter Guys Adelaide is the best gutter cleaning company. We provide great DIY tips regarding roofing maintenance, gutter protection systems and guttering services for South Australians.

All good Adelaide gutter cleaning companies can resolve the following questions and problems. Have you had problems with blocked gutters? Do the gutters drip & leak whenever it rains?

If you have the above symptoms on your commercial or residential property, then you need to get the gutters cleaned ASAP! Keeping the gutters clean will prevent future costly water damage.

Many of our Adelaide gutter cleaning customers ask us the following questions:

1. How often should the roof gutters be cleaned?
2. Is it worthwhile installing gutter guards?

3. What causes houses gutters to get blocked?
4. How long does it take to clean the gutters?

1. So how often is a gutter cleaning service required?

This question really does not have a straight forward answer. Depending if you have large tree's located close to the affected property, gutters and roofing should be checked every 12 months.

The pitch of the roofing and the particular guttering profile also plays an important factor when it comes to deciding on a precise time to have the gutters cleaned once per year.

Commercial buildings have large 150 profile box gutters which can handle and expel large quantities of tree debris and other unwanted debris that builds up in the box gutters during summer.

Most guttering systems are designed to handle light amounts of debris and easily expel tree debris and leaf matter through the down pipes and into the storm water catchments.

2. Is gutter cleaning requirements reduced when gutter guards are installed?  

This really depends on the situation, the tree's surrounding the property and any other common factors that would increase the effectiveness of gutter guard installations. Gutter guard installations also prevent quick and regular gutter cleaning from taking place.

The different types of gutter protection systems also plays a part when it comes to how well gutter guards work on a property in Adelaide, South Australia. Quite often the leaves build up on top of the gutter protection systems and also requires regular gutter guard and roof cleaning.

3. What causes the house gutters to get blocked up and require gutter cleaning services?

The most common cause of blocked up guttering and blocked up downpipes is gum tree's. Other tree debris that falls from the surrounding tree's located around the home.

Gum tree's drop bark for about 2-3 months, then gum nuts and gum leaves. Keeping on top of the roof and gutter cleaning will prevent overflowing gutters.

Quite often sporting equipment can block up down pipes rather quickly when there are no tree's around the family home. Common things like tennis balls, floating rubbish like chip packets and plastic bottles.

Keeping the downpipes free from blockages is important when it comes to maintaining the guttering system around our home. Gutter Guys Adelaide can organize gutter cleaning schedules for regular gutter cleaning services.