Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Gutter Cleaning Adelaide | Common Causes of Roof & Water Leaks

Fixing Roof Leaks Around Adelaide Home's

Need gutter cleaning in Adelaide? Have you got a roof leak every time it rains? Sick and tired of leaking and dripping gutters? Do the gutters and concrete around your home look like this whenever it rains in Adelaide, South Australia. Have you got gutters that are blocked up? Need quality gutter cleaners? Why not get up on the roof and take a look yourself and see if that water leak is a simple and easy fix? At Gutter Guys Adelaide we can locate and fix troublesome roof leaks around your residential home within 24hrs. Contact gutter cleaning Adelaide and ask about our emergency gutter cleaning service. With a wide range of roofing and guttering services, we can have those overflowing gutters and leaking roof fixed quickly and effectively. 

There are some great products at the local hardware store that can re-seal any gutters and roofing causing water leaks. The best minor water leak repair product is a spray on rubber sealant and this can be purchased from the local hardware store for around $15 per normal sized spray can. There is also other heavy duty waterproof sealants available such as a bitumen tar that can be brushed into rusted out gutters and downpipes. Waterproofer is also excellent to for a temporary repair of rusted roofing sheets and larger rust holes in guttering and downpipes. Waterproofer sealants can be used with small "aluminum patch repair kit" and when Gutter Guys Adelaide provide a gutter cleaning service we re-seal any minor leaks while we are cleaning out the rain gutters.

Water Leaks in Adelaide Caused By Blocked Gutters

Some water leaks around the home are easier to find then others. The best way to find a roof leak is to look for the tell tale signs that often indicate a problem with the guttering and roof. White water stains on the bottom of the gutters and metal roofs. Usually the white calcium build up from the water coming from a roof gutter or metal roof sheet will have a white calcium buildup and the beginnings of corrosion. Another good way to locate a water leak is to look for a build up of mold or wood rot, this is often the sign that there is a more serious issue with the gutters and roof. If looking for a roof leak seems like a daunting task then contact us and get professional gutter cleaners to do the job for you.

Top 3 Causes of Roofs & Gutter Leaks in Adelaide

1. The most common cause of dripping gutters and roof leaks is a blocked up downpipe. This is by far the most common reason why water leaks occur from the roofing and guttering. All to often the guttering is reasonably clean but the downpipe has been blocked up by a plastic bag or a tennis ball. Taking a quick look at the downpipe around the water leak will determine if this is the cause of any roof leaks in that particular section of the home.

2. The second common cause of water leaks around the home is gutters and downpipes that need cleaning. When the gutters have not been cleaned for a while and tree debris has built up in the guttering, this will often cause water leaks to start happening from that particular part of the gutters. Getting gutter cleaning services and keeping the gutters cleaned on a regular basis is the best way to prevent water leaks caused by clogged up guttering around your home.

3. Rusted roofing sheet or a broken roof tile is the 3rd most common cause of roof leaks around residential homes in Adelaide, South Australia. We can replace roof sheets and broken tiles on residential and commercial properties in Adelaide, South Australia.