Friday, 1 July 2016

Getting The Gutters Ready For Winter With Gutter Guys Adelaide

Down Pipe Blockage & Regular Guttering/Downpipe Maintenance

Got a blockage in your gutters? Have you got gutter guards installed but you still need to clean the gutters and unblock the down-pipes? Then contact Gutter Guys Adelaide for the best gutter cleaning service in South Australia and the surrounding suburbs like Parkside, Unley, Rostrevor and Norwood.

When it comes to keeping your gutters cleaned and downpipes clear from any built up debris, then you can not go past the professional gutter unblocker at Gutter Guys Adelaide. Every year around the same time, so many people need their gutters cleaned and we often cannot keep up with all the guttering work as well gutter replacement jobs that have been pilling up. It often helps to avoid the seasonal madness when it comes to getting trades services as this will often cause prices to go up compared to in Summer when guttering and downpipes are not on every ones mind unless there is a heavy summer rain.

Gutter Guys Adelaide take care of the gutters for Chemplus, AusPost, Bunning's Warehouse and many other well known companies and maintenance managers that rely on our gutter cleaning service each year to ensure that no water gets inside their commercial buildings or factories. When water starts getting through into warehouses or factories with expensive electrical equipment, then its important to stay on top of the roof and guttering maintenance. Warehouses and factories have sensitive equipment and often require dry and clean storage areas for their companies merchandise and various stock. Imagine if Australia Post Headquarters gutters and downpipes were all blocked up and caused a huge amount of water that destroys all those paper letters and parcels. That's why its important that these commercial companies get quality gutter cleaners that will have the very best experience when it comes to getting commercial gutters cleaned on premises around Adelaide, South Australia.

Why risk getting a guttering company that does not really know what they are doing, or simply just got out of school trying to make some quick money, training themselves on your roofing and likely with no public liability insurances at all if some thing was to go wrong when they are cleaning the gutters or trying to unblock a downpipe. No that the wet season of June is out the way, the heaviest month, with the most rain in Adelaide, SA is July. So get your gutters cleaned, replaced or downpipes unblocked today instead of waiting weeks when a free booking becomes available.

Gutter Cleaning Requirements By Landlords

Did you know that your landlord or real estate agent is responsible for your roofing maintenance and gutter cleaning? Is water getting into your roofing and causing your belongings damage every time it rains because the private landlord doesn't want or feel the need to replace or repair the water leak in the ceiling or roofing areas? Then South Australia has a government department that takes care of all substandard and unlivable homes. They actually need the work so that this department stays operations.

The Housing Improvement Branch, or HIB for short. is tasked with making sure houses and premises are kept to a standard and livable condition called the Housing Improvement Branch, or HIB for short. You can ring them for free or visit. Get a free inspection of your home and make the landlord clean or replace any major damage and maintenance issues around the rental property, Check out lik to the website above for a more detailed description of how they make private landlords make repairs when they are refusing to fix basic maintenance issues around the home that is being rented. The HIB can make applications to the tribunal on your behalf to lower the amount of rent to be paid until the specified problem is repaired. Some of the biggest cases the HIB has had to conduct in SA has been due to leaking roofs and blocked guttering. If you visit their website and take a look, roofing and roof leaks as well as guttering are the first 2-3 points they pick on substandard homes in South Australia.

Have you got a rusted downpipe? The gutters are getting regular blockages and regular waterfalls appear
from the gutters and roofing every time in rains? Then you should contact the Housing Improvement Branch which is the governments watchdog to ensure that the standard of housing around South Australia is kept at a good standard and landlords are held accountable to ensure the properties that they rent out are actually livable according to the South Australian Government. Why not visit the website online that describes in more depth what a tenant must do if their property is falling apart and the landlord refuses to repair certain things and fixtures on your home to save themselves a buck. We are not picking on landlords here, the majority of experienced homeowners and landlords will maintain the investment properties.

If you find that negotiations with your landlord have failed, then start collecting evidence, take photos of the several things itemized on the Home Improvement Branch website. Things like exposed electrical wiring, unlock-able electricity box, windows that locks no longer work effectively, gutter cleaning, roof cleaning and fixing any water leaks around your homes ceilings, downpipes and guttering next time it it rains. Gutter Guys will usually use a garden hose and ensure that the last bits of much are cleared in the gutters and then the downpipe flushed if its blocked up. All to often its usually a tennis balls blocking the downpipe causing the debris to back up gains the gutter and not leave through the storm water, getting the landlord to pay for regular gutter cleaning can prevent further damage to the rental premises. Does that sound strange to you? Its true and pretty much only allowed if its for your legal interest South Australian Parliament and the SA Courts has stated on numerous occasions. Did you know that WorkSafe SA require that two people be onsite when working on heights above two meters? If you do see a contractor working on a roof alone above 2 meters, make sure they are not working or contracted out to your residential premises. Once you have a found a series of major flaws in your home, from the foundations, to pests, vermin, guttering, roof leaks, faulty electrical wiring, the next step is to bring it to the attention of the relevant government bodies like the Home Improvement Branch?

Gutter Gutters Cleaned By The Home Improvement Branch

The best outcome is the landlord realizing that you are serious about getting the maintenance problems around the rental property repaired and up to standard. Especially the guttering and roofing during the winter months in Adelaide, South Australia. The HIB can make an order that you only have to pay half the amount of rent until the maintenance issues are dealt with and the gutters and roofing replaced, cleaned or repaired which ever was the main cause of the roofing maintenance issue.