Saturday, 2 July 2016

The Best Downpipe Cleaning Tools

How To Clean Your Blocked Downpipe

Every year when it starts pouring in South Australia we get a lot of calls to clean out blocked downpipes in South Australia. Most people only find out they have a problem with their blocked downpipes and guttering when it is raining and water is squirting out the downpipes. If you want an easy way to clean your gutters and unblock your downpipes quickly and easily? Bunning's Warehouse sells this great tool for $33 and it can be used for unblocking other drains around your home. This tool can be quite handy and can be a cost effective and quick way to unblock your downpipes if you cannot get a gutter cleaner or roof plumber out quickly in an emergency situation. So if you have small blockage in your drains, then this tool can be quite helpful around your home for a general home maintenance tool box. If you decide you want to go get yourself one then you will need to ask for a Kinetic Wire Drain Auger. I find that almost every Bunning's Warehouse in South Australia has a completely different layout, which makes it difficult to direct people to set isle numbers. If your looking for other methods on how to clear blocked downpipes with leaves and other soft debris, then take a look at some of our post on how to unblock downpipes. For more information on this drain and downpipe unblocking tool, check out the Bunning's Warehouse site.